My goodness gracious! My fellow commuters are a veritable gold mine of fiction fodder!

Today, the train home was PACKED – more so than I’ve ever seen. In my car, there were some interesting characters. First, there were the passengers in the row behind me, discussing SuDoku and explaining it to a gentleman in their midst who had no idea what this new fad was.

One woman – with short permed hair, fuschia lipstick, more gold jewelry than Mr. T and a huge brown cowl neck sweater – explained the basic premise to him, and then proclaimed that her sister-in-law is “the champeen” of the game. She wasn’t even trying to be funny by pronouncing it that way. I think she’s one of those people who learned to speak ONLY by listening and therefore has no concept of phonics and the fact that the word ‘champion’ has three syllables and not an “e” in the bunch. I’ve known people who thought that the word “bastard” was pronounced “bastid” since that’s the only way they ever heard it said by their parents. Be forewarned – the SuDoku champion resides somewhere in Northern New Jersey!!

I was seated next to a nice Hispanic lady who was reading a women’s magazine and who started laughing outright at one point when another woman in the front of our train car was talking. When I say in the front of our train car, I mean the FRONT – first seat by the exit doors, about 11 or 12 rows up from where I was sitting. Anyway, there was a group of people who all work for the same company, apparently, and the one lady – who had very tightly permed orangey-red hair – was all dressed up. Her co-worker asked her if was dressed up because she had an important meeting or… ?

She responded, in a unnecessarily loud fashion, that she was dressed up to flirt with her boss because he’s a hunk. Then she repeated that he’s a hunk and a millionaire, thus, a hunky millionaire. The ladies in the group started giggling and, “You go girl!”-ing. She THEN revealed that he’s 72, and a hunky millionaire and that she’s gettin’ a piece. All this, loud enough so that everyone aboard that car can hear. The lady next to me just couldn’t hold it anymore and turned to me and said, “Ay dios mio! I can’t believe it! She’s telling everybody her business! So loud!” I shook my head and said, “Some people apparently don’t believe in keeping things personal.”

Ha ha. Funny. Here I am blogging away, revealing details of my life on a daily basis, yet I berate that woman for not keeping her life personal. Then again, I don’t talk about details regarding work, or too much personal stuff.

I am getting sick, by the way. The allergies are hitting me hardcore. I have developed an annoying itchy throat and cough overnight. I was sniffly and gross all day today, and I have that nastiness in the back of my throat that comes from post-nasal drip. Nothing tastes as it should and I am forced to drink lemon-lime seltzer water with ice since all forms of sweetened drinks only increase the ick in the back of my throat and plain old water doesn’t taste very good when your nose is all stuffy. This SUCKS. And it’s NOT a cold and it won’t go away after a week or so. CRANKY CRANKY. WAH WAH WAH.

It’s seasonal allergic rhinitis (plus watery eyes) and it’s here for the long haul, most likely through Christmas and/or New Year’s. Or until I go to the allergist and get a new prescription for Zyrtec… wait a minute. I think I still have some refills on my prescription from July. And I can still get those! I’ll just wait until the insurance kicks in on Dec. 1. I have no sick days as yet, but we do get Thanksgiving and that Friday off, then I have a four-day conference the following week that will be sort of light on work and heavy on dinners out with various business associates, and before I know it, ‘twil be Christmas.

I wore my wrist brace almost all day at work, so I’m feeling a bit better in the carpal tunnel department, at least. I would like to continue knitting so I get my stuff done, but alas and alack, can I risk it? Should I? DARE I??

Forget it. Dude, I feel like arse. I am going to get into bed and read and drink some seltzer. Drinking fluids and bed-rest are good advice no matter what the nature of the illness/infirmity, even if it is only allergies.

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