Interesting. Don’t know exactly what it means, but it’s interesting.
Scientific American: Graphite Found to Exhibit Surprising Quantum Effects

10:20 on Sunday night. I finished knitting one of my Christmas gift scarves today. My carpal tunnel is paying me back and I just spend 5 minutes or so soaking my entire left forearm in icy cold water in the sink to bring down the inflammation. I might get an ice pack and hold that on it while I read in bed. Don’t ask about the logistics of reading while icing the wrist; I’ll figure it out.

Tomorrow, my boss will be back at work after her vacation. Lots to catch up on and lots to do for me, I’m sure. I am really looking forward to it, though. Also, I will be mailing in my order to Lands’ End for a new winter coat… it’s black and quilted and down-filled and rated for temperatures down to -20 fahrenheit. It’s not too puffy, though, which is important. I hate feeling like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man just to keep warm. Granted, it’s not the most stylish thing ever, but sometimes a girl has to sacrifice fashion to stave off chilliness.

I honestly have nothing interesting to report. Nothing at all happened this weekend. I did nothing. I put together my Christmas list and found some great recipes for Christmas cookies. ‘Tis the season for my inner Martha Stewart to really f’in shine!!!

Next weekend is the weekend I start my copious amounts of baking. First, the caramel pecan pies for gift-giving to friends and for family enjoyment for Thanksgiving. This means I will be taking a trip to the local warehouse-type store to get huge quantities of pecans (they come in 2 pound bags and two pounds really isn’t that much… the pies are heavy!) Then I will be going to Trader Joe’s (again) since I read in their newest flyer that they have real bourbon vanilla extract there (as opposed to the fake “vanillin” flavor used in most supermarket vanilla extracts) and it makes all the difference in the caramel pecan pie when I’m making the caramel. Mmm. The flavor is incomparable. My parents brought back some bourbon vanilla from Mexico last year and I used it in last year’s batch of pies; I swore I would never use the regular stuff again.

If time allows, I will start on the Christmas cookies. I have a few standards but I want to add to my repertoire. I make these fun chocolate peppermint pinwheel cookies that are a pain in the ass to make, but are soooo supremely tasty, it’s all worthwhile. I make the cookies now, I freeze them, and they keep nicely until Christmas Eve Day… which, incidentally, is my name day (Christmas Eve – EVA… not for that reason, but it’s funny.) Polaks honor their saints’ name days – not so much us first generation kids, but my parents do. They celebrate their name days with more gusto than their birthdays.

I’m in the mood to watch some Pride and Prejudice. It’s one of the better choices for viewing when I plan on falling asleep soon because the music that plays repeatedly over the DVD menu is a pretty innocuous and almost enjoyable piano and violin bit. When I lived in my apartment, I remember waking up at 3 or 4 in the morning one day to the constant repetition of the DVD menu music from “Chocolat”, which my roommate had fallen asleep watching. THAT was almost unbearable… accordion, fake Frenchness… ugh. It’s a very important thing to me.

NON-annoying DVD menu music is the way to my heart.

Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But I place great importance on weird things… seemingly unaware of this, my friends think that a guy has no chance with me if his spelling or grammar suck.

Strangely enough, it’s not true. I’m a stickler, but only in my case and in the case of published works and email from my superiors. The ONE thing that automatically disqualifies a guy from even being my friend is having an annoying speaking voice.

If a dude’s voice is too whiny or nasal or high-pitched or “soft” or Harvey Feirstein-like or if he stammers or stutters (those are just ones I have already experienced) I will NOT be conversing with him again. Conversation, as you might imagine, is very important to me. Therefore, an annoying voice prevents me from being able to enjoy getting to know someone and, thus, ends any relationship before it even starts.

Cruel, cruel Eva. I know. It’s the bed I made, though, and I’m prepared to sleep in it, even if I end up sleeping alone for the rest of my life… weep, weep, sob, sniffle.

I kid. Sort of. But only a little.

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One thought on “quantum effects of graphite?

  1. As a former music major and a current movie-on-disc watcher and a complete nightowl, I agree wholeheartedly from experience the importance of appealing DVD menu soundtracks. Sometimes it rocks just to be subconsciously lulled for a couple of hours by a repetitive 90 second musical segment, and not have to reach out in effort to find that damn remote…and to continue dreaming of vanilla-flavored things…

    That’s a favorite flavor of mine. I know that categorizes me as bland and ordinary. But why does simply choosing chocolate make someone cool and acceptable? It’s just as common (nay, I say more so). I’d like to think of myself as a principled rebel for taking a stand on vanilla. If I’m kidding myself, oh well, so be it. I just love that taste.

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