Thanksgiving dinner was a success. Everything was tasty and delicious and dessert was just even more tastiness. No one fought. There was actually laughter at the dinner table – my mother was getting sappy thanking us for supporting her and my little sister piped in with, “Guys – I’d like to thank you for supporting my pregnancy.”

It’s sort of a running inside joke we have. She works as a barista and complains about not making any money, so we tease her about her “second job” as a hooker. Every now and again, we’ll just be sitting eating dinner and someone will ask her, “So… did you get the results back from the clinic yet?” and she’ll pick right up on it and go, “Yeah – thank god. I’m clean. I already told John, my john, and I can come back to work tomorrow.”

Anyway – we watched “Explorers” (1985 – Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix) and “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”… and it’s only 11:00ish, but I’m ready for sleep. I was up at 9:30 baking and cooking and cleaning. I know I did the dishes at least 5 times today, but it could’ve been more. I had to cut all my nails quite short since I sliced one with a vegetable peeler and another with a zester – nothing gross happened and food was not contaminated, but I had to grab the nail clippers right away and cut them down super short. Oh, well.

I’m gonna watch Adult Swim and read a little and tomorrow will be here before I know it. A long day of… not work… and not shopping… and probably lots of leftovers.

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