Today is going a little better thus far, but not by much.

Despite the ungodly hour at which I finally fell asleep for a 6 a.m. waking (it was 2:38 when I decided to turn my alarm clock 90 degrees so I wouldn’t have to see it) I was up. I was dizzy in the shower and had to hold myself up against the wall, but I managed to maintain that bastion of Western human culture, PERSONAL HYGIENE.

I even had a banana and some very sweet milky coffee. I went outside to get into my car and drive to the train station: wait. Where’s my car? Crap. It’s in the garage, where my brother hooked it up to a battery charger. There are four cars outside of the garage belonging to various other members of my family and the likelihood of actually getting them to MOVE their cars in the 5 minutes I had was nil. I just broke down crying at the comical cruel ridiculous stupidity of it all.

I asked the parents to move the damn cars so I could leave, knowing full well I would be late, but not knowing what else to do without cash to pay for parking or any other means of transport. I’d just take a later train and get there late. Screw it. I was a little too hysterical for my father to trust that I wouldn’t crash into something driving myself, so he drove me into Hoboken himself. He complained about the traffic the whole way while I was sitting there crying and trying to calm my breathing since I’d been hyperventilating and screaming. It was lovely.

I got into Jersey City JUST in time for the meeting at 8:30, but had no makeup on, puffy eyes, and all that jazz. I came back here (the office) after that meeting, took care of some loose ends and get to go back around 3:00 for another meeting. The fun just won’t QUIT. Nah, actually. The meetings and work are more pleasant than the alternative(s).

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